12th Grade IDP (Fall)

Do the Right Thing:  Taking a Stand on an Ethical Dilemma
How Should We Think Biblically about This Issue?

Check out these sources as you begin your research

Search TCA Library's Catalog for books about your issue.  

Start with one of these basic texts on biblical and Christian ethics.

Christian Ethics in Plain Language (Plain Language Series)Christian Ethics in Plain Language
by Kerby Anderson
UL 241.5 And

Introduction to Biblical Ethics
by Robertson McQuilkin
REF 241.5 McQ

Encyclopedia of Biblical and Christian Ethics 
edited by R. K. Harrison
REF 241.5 Har

These books give you an overview of the Christian positions on ethical dilemmas.  You will find other books on Christian Ethics in 241.5 as well as by searching on Christian and ethics in the catalog.

Next, search for books about your specific issue. Remember that you may need to look for books about a broader topic and check out the Table of Contents and Index.  See if your issue is covered in the Taking Sides series in the Reference section.

Next, check your public library for books about your issue.  You can use the links in the list on the left of this page.

Databases and Websites

You will find helpful sources in databases and at websites.  Here are some suggestions:

ABC-Clio Issues database --   Search this database for background information, facts and figures, timelines, and major arguments from all sides on a variety of issues.  Access the database here:  ABC-Clio Issues

Public Library databases -- Your local public library subscribes to multiple inter-disciplinary databases, which index magazine and journal articles.  Sign into the database with your library card and use the advance search option to find articles.  Many of them will be available full-text.  If not, see if TCA's Librarian can obtain a copy for you. 


Opposing Viewpoints in Context (from the NYC Public Library)

On the Web

Find organizations that represent varying viewpoints concerning your topic.  Remember, however, that organizations have agendas.  The information at their websites will support their position on the topic.

Besides conducting secondary research through books, articles, and websites, you will also be conducting primary research through interviews. You need to locate at least one person who has direct experience with your ethical dilemma.  

Check out these resources as you prepare for your interview: