11th Grade Spring IDP

It's Just History Repeating: Analyzing the Impact of a Supreme Court Case

Consider these kinds of resources as you search for sources for this project:

Discover the story behind the document

Begin with an encyclopedia or ABC-Clio to get an overview of the document and the specific events connected with it.

  • Look in the TCA Library Reference Section.
  • Click here for ABC-Clio.
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Use the TCA Library catalog to look for books.


Search Tips:

Search under U.S. History AND your court case.

Look in the Table of Contents and Index in books about your time period.

Search for the important people connected with your document.
American History in Dewey -- 973


Use the Catalog to search the LIbrary's databases as well as books. option --

Login to the TCA Library catalog

Search for your topic and consult the database results as well as books.
Use public library resources

Choose your public library from the links in the sidebar.

Search the catalog for books about your topic.  Be sure to use Advance Search to narrow the criteria.

Check out the history databases available with your library card.  Click on Explore e-resources. Consider these databases at Delaware County Library System  (similar databases at other public libraries):
  • African-American History Online
  • American History Online

Check out newspaper archive
  • Philadelphia Inquirer Historical Abstracts

Check out periodical databases (journals and magazines).  Choose EBSCOhosts databases and select from among these:

  • Academic Search Main Edition
  • Masterfile Elite
  • ebook Collection
  • Masterfile Main Edition
NOTE: All of the EBSCOhost databases may be searched at the same time from the EBSCOHost page.
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