10th Grade Spring IDP

A Product of the Times: Presenting a Notable Person in Context

Consider these kinds of resources as you search for sources for the Spring History/English research project:

General and Print Sources


Begin with a general or specific encyclopedia  to get an overview of your person and the time period.
Look in the TCA Library Reference Section.

Use an online general reference source, such as Encyclopedia Britannica.

Remember that you will not use these sources specifically in your paper, but they are a good starting point.


Use the TCA Library catalog to look for books.
Search Tips:
  • Use the power search option and search under History AND your person.
  • Look in the Table of Contents and Index in books about your time period and person.
  • Books about the Middle Ages and the Renaisannce -- 940s

Search your public library for more options. You can find public library links on the sidebar. Search the catalog for books about your topic.  Be sure to use Advance Search to narrow the criteria.


TCA Library

After you have found books, click on the One Search tab next to the titles tab on your search results page.  This tab takes you to the databases that we can search through TCA's Library catalog.  Click on Get Results at the bottom of the page. Scroll down through the databases to find ones that look appropriate for your topic.  Click on the Show button by the green check.  Consider these databases:

  • ABC-Clio Ancient History

  • ABC-Clio Modern History 

Note:  If you get the log in page for ABC-Clio, close that window and click on the ABC-Clio result link again.

Public Libraries

Check out the history databases available with your library card.  Consider these databases at Delaware County Library System  (similar databases at other public libraries):

  • Ancient and Medieval History Online
  • Modern World History Online

Check out periodical databases (journals and magazines).  Choose EBSCOhosts databases and select from among these:

  • Masterfile Elite
  • Academic Search
  • EBSCOHost ebooks