6th Grade Science

Chemical Compound Research Project
Here are the resources you should use to create your chemical compound presentation:
Books and ebooks

Log into TCA Library's catalog. See the Librarian if you don't know your login information. Do a keyword search for your compound name as well as for the individual elements in your compound.

Search for these specific books. Check the table of contents and/or the index for your compound and its elements.

The 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds by Rusty L. Myers
This is an ebook in TCA's Library.  You will be able to check it out and read it on a chrome book or at home on your computer or device.  Use the Table of Contents to see if your compound is in the book.
Chemical Compounds  edited by Neil Schlager, Jayne Weisblatt, and David E. Newton
This is a three-volume reference set that provides information about compounds. Organized alphabetically, each entry provides key facts, gives an overview and explains how the compound is made and its common uses and potential hazards. This is a print book so you will need to locate it in the Reference section.

Library Databases

After you find books, from the Library Catalog search page, click on Destiny Discover. Search for your topic again. Besides the Library books, you see Digital and Databases Resources. Digital resources are the ebooks that you've already seen through the main catalog page. Check out the links under Databases, especially Science Online and Fact Monster.


Research Tip:  You may need to unblock the pop-up block to access the Science Online Database.  Click on the pop-up blocker icon in the web address bar, choose "always allow pop-ups"; then go back to the TCA Library Catalog and reload the Science Online page

If you still need more information, follow these same steps searching on the individual elements in your compound.


Search these websites for more information about your compound.


Fact Monster's list of chemical compounds Find your compound on the list.

Dynamic Periodic Table

Enter your compound's formula for more information.

The Role of Chemistry in History

Check out this website to see if it covers your compound.


Interactive Periodic Table 

Find the elements in your compound.



The Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements 

Use this resource to find more information about your elements.

Periodic Videos from TED-Ed

Watch videos about the elements in your compound.


Find information about the elements in your compound

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