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Middle and High School Library

The Library is a valuable resource for TCA students and their families . The library will enrich students' educational experience through the more than 38,000 items that make up its collection. These items include books; periodicals, such as newspapers, magazines, and journals; video resources; and reference materials. The collection is accessible through a web-based catalog.  In addition, by using their local library card and the TCA Library catalog, students can access numerous databases to search for articles in the periodicals to which our library subscribes or in periodicals available through other libraries. Many of these databases now contain full-text versions of the articles that students may use in their research. All of these resources will aid students as they work on projects for their classes and learn to be discerning readers and researchers.


  • The Library is open from 8:10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Students may come during study hall or class time with their teacher’s permission. If a class is already using the library, students may have to return at another time.

  • TCA's Library catalog can be accessed at tca.follettdestiny.com Students may search as a guest or they may log in to gain access to their record and save lists of books and other resources. The user name is the letter P followed by a space followed by the student's 6-digit ID number. The password is the student's last name. See the back of this handout for more information.

  • All students have check out privileges.  Most items may be checked out for two weeks. Other items have shorter checkout times with renewals possible.

  • Middle and High School students may check out up to 30 books at one time.

  • A three-day grace period will apply to all due dates. Students who return materials within three days of the due date will not be charged a fine.

  • The Library fine is 10 cents per school day for regular materials and $1.00 per school day for reference or audiovisual items.

  • Students will be charged for damaged or lost materials so that these materials can be replaced.

  • Students should pay all fines before or by the end of the marking period to avoid serving silent lunch (middle school) or detention (high school).

  • The Library staff will be happy to repair damaged items using appropriate book repairing materials. Please do not repair damaged books or magazines at home.

  • HS students should use their own devices in the Library. MS students may use chromebooks under the direction of their classroom teacher.

  • MS and HS students may print necessary materials at no charge; however, the Library staff requests that students use discretion regarding the number of pages they print. Color copies cost 25 cents per page.

  • All items to be printed must be saved as a .pdf or a .jpeg on a flashdrive.  While students should have their own flash drive, they may borrow one of the Library’s.

Any parents interested in volunteering in the library should contact Mrs. Howard, Assistant Media Specialist, through the school office. Volunteers are needed to assist with everyday library duties, read and review books, and help with special activities.  Remember that volunteers must have their clearances.

Elementary School Library

The Elementary Library is a helpful resource for TCA students and their families.  Developing a love for reading and learning to be a responsible library patron are important traits for students to develop.  Here are some important facts about using the Library.

  • Students visit the Library once a week during their regularly scheduled class time.  Teachers may arrange for additional visits.  The scheduled library time will primarily be used to find and check out books.  Students will participate in a brief reading or listening activity designed to encourage reading and enrich their classroom experience, as well as learn basic library skills.
  • Students may check out the number of books that correspond to their grade; for example, 3rd graders may check out 3 books each week.  After Christmas, kindergarten students will begin checking out one book each week.
  • Books are checked out for two weeks, and students may renew them once. 
  • The due date comes with a 3-day grace period.  Students will not be charged fines until the 3rd day after the due date.  Students may have a book for 17 days before a fine is charged.
Overdue Books and Late Fine PolicyStudents will receive a notice of their overdue books and/or fines.  We encourage parents to have students pay their fines with their allowance or money earned through small jobs.

                    Kindergarten through Second Grade

                                         No fine charged

                                 Third and Fourth Grades

No fine charged, but students who have not returned their overdue book by the end of the marking period will serve a silent lunch each day until the book is returned.

                                       Fifth Grade 

5 cents a day for each overdue book, after three days of grace, until the book is returned.  If fine is not paid by the end of the marking period, students will serve a silent lunch each day until the fine is paid.  Library fines should be paid by the end of each marking period, if not sooner.

  • Lost books must be paid for or replaced by the end of the school year.
  •  Students may return library books on any day, not just on their library day.  Students should return library books to the book return slot in the Elementary Library.
  • Students in Grades 4 – 5 may request materials that are located in the Middle School/ High School Library.  The librarian and classroom teacher will help students determine if that material is relevant and at an appropriate reading level. 
  • The Library report card grade will be determined by the student’s participation in library activities, including assessment of library skills.

Any parents interested in volunteering in the library should contact Mrs. Diana Howard through the school office.  Volunteers are needed to assist with everyday library duties, read and review books, and help with special events.  Volunteers must have up-to-date clearance