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What will not migrate

Emails larger than 25Mb in size will not be moved to your new Gmail account. You can locate these emails, by searching in your Outlook inboxby checking for file size larger than 25MB.

In Outlook:

  1. Press CTRL-SHIFT-F to bring up the Advanced Find window.
  2. Select the More Choices tab.
  3. Under the Size (kilobytes) section change the field from Doesn't Matter to Is Greater Than and enter 25600.

In Entourage:

  1. Press OPTION-COMMAND-F to bring up the Search bar above your inbox.
  2. Select On My Computer.
  3. Change the Item Contains field to Size.
  4. Change the Is field to "Is Greater Than.
  5. In the field next to it, enter "25600" and press Return.

If you have any messages larger than 25MB, they will appear in your window below.

Your CUNIX (CubMail) account will not migrate during this process. 

No emails from your Cubmail account will be migrated to your new TCGmail account.  Your "UNI"@columbia.edu will remain accessible and not be affected at any time during the TCGmail migration process.


Transitioning to Google Apps Mail from Microsoft Outlook

 See the "what gets imported" chart