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Migrating to Gmail


You are not required to migrate your CubMail account to Gmail but if you would like to, here are a couple of options:

Before Your Migration:
  • You will have the opportunity to attend an overview presentation on the basics of Gmail. See the Orientation schedule
  • It is very important for you to review the section on "What will change"
  • You need to identify any emails that are larger than 25MB and be aware that they will not migrate to Gmail.
The Day of Your Migration
When your new account is ready you will receive an email from CIS with detailed instructions on how to access the new account.
You will access your email through myTC. When you first log in, you will see your emails that have been migrated to the new account. (Don't be alarmed if you can't find a recent email right away.) During the first day of your migration your most recent emails may take some time to get loaded into your new inbox.
After Your Migration
Please wait at least 24 HOURS after your first login before making changes to the structure of your email (for example, changing labels, setting up filters, or deleting emails). Since migration is a slow process, deleting or moving email before the process is over may result in duplicates.
After your migration, complete the post-migration checklists below.
Immediately After Your Migration:
Click the links below for instructions
  • (Re)create your signature(s) - While in your Gmail select "Settings" next to your UNI account, and in the General tab, scroll down till you see the Signatures section.
  • Out of the office? Set up an auto-response. While in your Gmail select "Settings" next to your UNI account, and in the General tab, scroll down till you see the Vacation Responder section.
  • Share your calendar(s) - Open your Calendar, Select Settings next to your UNI account, and choose Calendar Settings.  Select the Calendars Tab, and under the Sharing Column, select "Shared:Edit Settings".  Under "Share with Specific People, enter a valid TCGmail user name and choose the appropriate permissions settings.
  • Search your contacts for tc.edu addresses and replace with "tc.columbia.edu" addresses
  • Re-Create your distribution lists
 24 Hours After Your Migration:
  • Recreate filters (rules) 
  • Review your options for Exchange Data (PST-Personal Folder) Migration
We will migrate the following Exchange data to your Gmail account:
  • All of the email in your Inbox (including subfolders) and Sent Items
  • All of your calendar events
  • All of your personal contacts
Data that will not migrate:
Refer to the "What Will Change" section.