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What will change


  • You will have a web interface

Instead of the Outlook client you will have access to email via the Gmail web interface which will allow you to access all the features of the new service.  The ADVANTAGES are:

    • The web interface does not require installation (as long as you have a web browser)
    • It works across platforms
    • It allows you to take advantage of the collaborative aspects of the tool
    • It is easier to troubleshoot

  • Your Personal Folders will be recreated as LABELS

Labels are the Gmail equivalent of folders in your Outlook/Exchange. The ADVANTAGES are:

    • You will enjoy an improved search capability
    • You will be able to access your personal folders from anywhere

Follow the instructions on how to migrate your personal folders.

  • The Public Folders in Exchange will no longer be available.  

Files can be shared through TCData shared network drive (I.E., G: or H: drives). You will also be able to send emails to TC Distribution groups.

  • The Rules in OUTLOOK will be removed

You will need to recreate the rules Here is what you need to do

  • Loss of Importance Level settings

If you have categorized your messages as high importance, these setting will be lost. You will still be able to give priority to your messages using the "star" feature in Gmail. See how this can be done

  • Your Signatures will not migrate

You will need to recreate your signatures. Here is how you do it

  • You will not be able to send messages larger than 25MB.

If you need to send attachments you need to be aware that the maximun size is 25MB

  • POP/IMAP accounts will need to be reconfigured

If you have additional POP/IMAP accounts within Outlook, you will still have access via your Outlook client. Keep in mind, you can open Outlook, and you will have access to these additional email accounts outside of your TC Exchange, in addition to your existing TC Exchange Inbox, but the TC Inbox will no longer be able to send or receive TC Exchange emails once you have migrated to Gmail.

  • Shared Calendar and Inbox Access

If you migrate your Exchange account to TCGmail keep in mind that you will loose access to any shared email and calendar accounts that have not migrated to TCGmail yet.  You will regain access once the shared account has been migrated to TCGmail. 


  • "Vacation Responder" instead of "Out Of Office"

Instead of the "Out Of Office" feature you will have the "Vacation Responder". Here are the instructions on how to set up your "Vacation Responder," which is similar to the Exchange "Out of Office".

  • No Optional Attendees

Google Calendar does not include the choice to specify optional attendees. As a workaround, you can indicate which attendees are optional in the Description field.

  • No Ability to have Calendar Attachments

At this time Google Calendar does not support file attachments. To provide a file to meeting invitees, you can use any of the following methods:

    • Schedule the meeting, and then send the attachment in a separate email message.
    • Post the document in your file repository and add a link to a document in your meeting invitation.
    • Create the document in Google Docs and add the URL to the document in your meeting invitation. Use this method only if you know that all invitees have migrated to Google Apps.
    • Schedule the meeting through Gmail: Compose a new email message addressed to your attendees, add the attachment, and then click Add event invitation. Enter details about your meeting, and then send the message. (If you want to check attendees' and resource availability first, create a new event in Google Calendar, but don't send the invitations. After you send the invitation in the email message, make sure you edit the event details to book the resource you want to use.)
  • No Rich Content in Calendar Entries

You will not be able to add rich content to your events but you will be able to add a URL. Here is how you do it

  • Loss of Categories (Definitions and Assignments)

Category assignments: Gmail doesn't have a feature equivalent to Outlook categories, so any categories you assign to a message in Outlook don't appear in Gmail, calendar or contacts. There is also no ability to have Calendar Attachments

 Personal Contacts

  • Separate Contact folders are all combined into one Google Apps Contact section

To learn more about Contacts see Contacts Basics.

  • No notes larger than 16KB and loss of Rich Formatting in notes

Notes will be in text format only and notes that are larger than 16KB will be truncated.

  • Loss of Follow-up Flags, Dates and Reminders

Flagged messages in Outlook are starred in Gmail. But follow-up dates or reminders associated with a flag don't appear in Gmail (since Google stars don't have these features).

  • Loss of Categories (definitions and assignments)

Google contacts does not support this feature yet.

Global Contacts

  • The Global Address List (GAL) will not be migrated. 

Access to a TC available contact list as previously accessed via “Outlook Address Book” will not be available. Options for this access are being worked on.

Notes, Tasks, Journal and RSS feeds

Be aware that your existing notes or tasks and RSS feeds in Outlook/Exchange will not be migrated to the new Gmail system.

 See also what gets imported CHART 


Transitioning to Google Apps Mail from Microsoft Outlook