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The role of these Tech Fellows is to work one-on-one with faculty, face to face or remotely,  to introduce the tools and help get course materials online as well as giving workshops to students to demonstrate how the platforms can be used effectively.
Tech Fellows Fall 2016
A&HLizelle-Marie Serranolds2138@tc.columbia.edu
A&H Jasmine Linjjl2225@tc.columbia.edu
BBSAlexis Sidiropoulosans2173@tc.columbia.edu
CCPBryan Chengbhc2115@tc.columbia.edu
C&TShu-Yi Hsush3146@tc.columbia.edu
EPSAMary-Andree Ardouin-Guerriermma2207@tc.columbia.edu
HBS(Health and Behavior Studies)Brett Burnhambmb2173@tc.columbia.edu
HUDJoshua Paxtonjap2208@tc.columbia.edu
ITSMary-Andree Ardouin-Guerriermma2207@tc.columbia.edu
MSTCristina Salazar Gallardocps2127@tc.columbia.edu
MSTGábor Salopekgs2756@tc.columbia.edu
ORLJane Selegeanjs4712@tc.columbia.edu