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Tech Fellows

The role of these Tech Fellows is to work one-on-one with faculty, face to face or remotely,  to introduce the tools and help get course materials online as well as giving workshops to students to demonstrate how the platforms can be used effectively.  

Here is the list of Tech Fellows and the department associated with each of them.

NOT SURE? You can  contact techfellowhelp@tc.columbia.edu or fill out the Request  for TECH FELLOW Support form.
Tech Fellows  SPRING 2014

A&H +Teacher Education   -------> YoungSoo Song ys2629@tc.columbia.edu
                                           -------> Cristina Salazar Gallardo cps2127@tc.columbia.edu
                                           -------> Lisette Antigua la2427@tc.columbia.edu

BBS   -------> Alexis Sidiropoulos  -- ans2173@tc.columbia.edu

CCP   -------> Bryan Cheng --- bhc2115@tc.columbia.edu

C&T    -------> Johnnie Rivas -- jjr2162@tc.columbia.edu

EPSA  ------->  Mark Pelham -- map2255@tc.columbia.edu

HBS   -------> Derek Morf -- drm2150@tc.columbia.edu
         -------> Rishma Dhanraj  -- rcd2135@tc.columbia.edu 

HUD   -------> Mark Pelham --- map2255@tc.columbia.edu
Tiantian JIn --- tj2279@tc.columbia.edu

ITS   -------> Daniel Flack -- djf2136@tc.columbia.edu
MST  -------> Derek Morf -- drm2150@tc.columbia.edu -
         -------> Cristina Salazar Gallardo cps2127@tc.columbia.edu

 ORL  -------> Zixi Qi --- zq2125@tc.columbia.edu