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I understand and accept the following terms and conditions related to my use of TC’s Google Apps for Education:
The Teachers College Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy found at www.tc.columbia.edu/aupolicy which specifies in part that College IT resources shall not be used to violate any City, State or Federal laws or any College or University policies. This means that all College policies apply, regardless of explicit reference in those policies to electronic or other media. It also means that I will abide by copyright laws.
The Columbia University polices at http://www.columbia.edu/acis/policy
The Google Apps terms at http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/terms/use_policy.html
Data may be stored outside the borders of the United States.
Teachers College is the legal owner or operator of all of its information technology systems. Google gives TC the ability to access, monitor, use and disclose information in its Google Apps for Education domain. TC system administrators do not access personal information although they may see metadata such as mail headers in the course of their work. At a user’s request, they will access information if it is necessary to assist the user. In accordance with state and federal law, the College may access all aspects of its systems without consent of the user when such action is:

• necessary to preserve the integrity, security or continued functioning of a system
• required by federal, state or local law or regulations
• likely to provide evidence related to misconduct which is reasonably believed to have violated law or significantly breached College regulations
• is necessary to carry out essential business functions of the College or
• necessary to preserve health and safety.
I understand that Teachers College and Google can suspend or terminate my access if I fail to abide by these terms and conditions.