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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect 

Adobe Connect Pro is a leading web conferencing and learning management system that allows for instant communication and collaborative learning.  Through easy to use online access, discussion and classroom sessions faculty and students can interact with each other on the web from anywhere in the world.  Integrated with a conference call or using Voice-over IP Connect Pro allows for synchronous virtual classes and meetings to operate using streaming audio and video, presentations (e.g. PowerPoint), shared collaboration and files from a MAC or a PC. Each  sessions can also be expanded to include break-out rooms for additional learning and project development, 

If you are interesting in hosting a web conferencing event, you will need to get a hosting account from Academic Computing. Please contact acs@tc.columbia.edu to see if you are eligible. If you just need to participate in a web conferencing session no account is needed, unless stated otherwise by your instructor or host and you will be able to log in as guest by clicking on the link that will be sent to you over email.

For further information please consult the Adobe Connect guidelines and visit the Adobe Connect Online Help
For technical support contact  acs@tc.columbia.edu ,

For Adobe Connect training, please contact your department Tech-Fellow  or send an email to techfellowhelp@tc.columbia.edu  ( Faculty only) 
Students please contact the student helpdesk at studenthelpdesk@tc.columbia.edu

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