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TC Gmail

TC Gmail is the new email at TC. Your TC Gmail address has the following format : UNI@tc.columbia.edu or firstname.lastname@tc.columbia.edu. You need to ACTIVATE your TC Gmail in order to start using it.

Your TC Gmail address is  your DEFAULT address and will be used for sending official notices, including those on your account statement.


At the time of admission or hiring you are given a UNI to access TC resources. You will also be given a Columbia University email address called CubMail (the format is: uni@columbia.edu). ALL CubMail addresses will be automatically forwarded to your TC Gmail. If you activated your TC Gmail before June 22, 2011 please follow the instructions for returning students below.


Existing CubMail accounts will not be affected and you will keep your mailbox.  However, in order to ensure that you receive all communication from TC, it is highly recommended that you forward your CubMail account to your new TC Gmail account at http://cuit.columbia.edu/email-forwarding.