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Configuring a Blackberry with the built-in email client

Prior to configuring your smart phone, visit the myTC portal web site and go to the Search & Help Tab and acquire the Google Sync Code to be used in step #5 below.

  1. Go to the Setup folder on your Blackberry device.
    Blackberry Setup Folder

  2. Open the Email Settings application.
    Email Settings
  3. Choose the Add button to add an email account to your device.
    Add account

  4. Choose the link to add a Gmail account.

  5. Enter your full TC Gmail address (UNI1234@tc.columbia.edu) and your Google Sync Code, then choose next.  This will fail to setup your device, and you will need to choose "I will provide these settings".
    Fail and choose to provide settings

  6. The page will expand and now ask for the type of email server at the top.  Choose "POP/IMAP".  Ensure the Email address and Password fields are filled out properly as in the previous step. 
    server type

    Scroll down past the Email address and Password fields to the Email server field.  In this area, enter "imap.gmail.com".  In the User name field, enter your full email address once again.  Then click Next.
    Server and User Name

  7. You will receive a confirmation if you entered this information correctly.  Your email account will be ready to use after several minutes of retrieving your messages.