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Configure Apple Mail

1.     Acquire your Google Sync Code from the MyTC Portal.  Remember that if you reset this code, it will break any synchronization you have previously setup and you will need to use the new code with all of your devices.

2.     Open Apple Mail and choose Preferences from the Mail menu on the Menu Bar.

3.     Click the tab for Accounts in the Preferences window.  At the bottom left of the Accounts tab, click the “+” symbol to add a new account.

4.     When prompted, choose to "Add Other Mail Account..." and click Next.

Add other mail account selection window

5. In the “Add Account” window, enter your name in the “Full Name” field, your TC Apps Gmail Address in the “Email Address” field, and your Google Sync Code in the “Password” field.  Click “Next” to move on to the next screen.

Add A Mail Account Window

5.     In the “Incoming Mail Server” window, choose “IMAP” as the “Account Type”.  The “Mail Server” is “imap.gmail.com”.  Your “User Name” is your full email address (UNI1234@tc.columbia.edu).  Be sure to enter your full email address in this field, not just your UNI.   Your “Password” is your Google Sync Code.  Once you have entered this information properly, click “Next”.

Add IMAP Account Details Window

6.     In the “Outgoing Mail Server” window, the “Outgoing Mail Server” is “smtp.gmail.com”.  The “User Name” is once again your full email address and your password is again the Google Sync Code.  Click “Create” to finalize the settings.

SMTP Server Details Window

7.     Your account has been setup and your inbox will begin to populate messages.  This is a time consuming process, so please be patient.