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Accessing Email and Calendar with Thunderbird

This tutorial will help you setup the Mozilla Thunderbird client to access your TC Apps email and calendar.  First, you must know your Google Sync Code, which can be accessed from the MyTC portal in the Search and Help tab.  Once you download and install Thunderbird from the Mozilla website, please follow the steps below to properly configure your email and calendar account.

  1. In the "Tools" menu, choose the "Add-Ons" option.

  2. Search the Add-ons list for the Lightning extension for calendars.  Click "Add to Thunderbird".

  3. When asked if you trust the publisher of the extension, choose "Install Now"

  4. Once Lightning has been downloaded, you will be prompted to restart Thunderbird.  Please choose "Restart Thunderbird" to ensure the extension is properly installed.

  5. To configure your mail account, go to the File menu and choose New > Mail Account, then enter your name, TC Apps Email address, and Google Sync Code, then click "Continue".

  6. When the automatic configuration window comes up, click "Stop".

  7. In the Editing Config section, make the following changes:
    1. In the field for "Username", enter your full TC Apps Email Address (uni1234@tc.columbia.edu).  
    2. In the field for "Incoming", enter "imap.googlemail.com", ensure the type is set to "IMAP", set the port number to "993", and set the security to "SSL/TLS".   
    3. In the field for "Outgoing", enter "smtp.googlemail.com", set the port number to "465", and set the security to "SSL/TLS"
    4. Once these settings are in place, click "Re-test Configuration", and when the settings are recognized click "Create Account"

  8. Your mail account is now setup.  It will take several minutes to populate your messages.  While this occurs, we will configure Google Calendar.  Once again, we will go to the "Add-Ons" and search for an extension.  This extension is called "Provider for Google Calendar".  When found, click "Add to Thunderbird".

  9. When asked if you trust the publisher, click the Install button.

  10. Once again, Thunderbird must be restarted.  Click the Restart Thunderbird button to finish installation of this extension.

  11. Once Thunderbird has been restarted, go to the File menu and choose New > Calendar.  When the Create New Calendar window appears, choose the "On the Network" radio button and click the Next button.

  12. Open your Google Calendar and go to the settings page.  Once inside of the Calendar Settings, click the Calendars tab.

  13. When viewing all of the calendars accessible to you, click on the calendar that is named your uni@tc.columbia.edu.

  14. When looking at this calendar's information, go to the bottom of the page where the label for Calendar Address is, and click on the "XML"  button.

  15. When the pop-up window appears with a link to your calendar, copy the address displayed, then click the OK button.  You no longer will need to keep Google Calendar open, so you can click Sign Out at this time.

  16. Now that you have the address of your calendar, go back to Thunderbird.  Choose the radio button for "Google Calendar" and paste the copied address into the "Location" field of the Create New Calendar window.  Click "Next" to continue.

  17. You will be prompted for your User Name and Password.  Your User Name is your UNI1234@tc.columbia.edu, and your Password is your "Google Sync Code".  Click OK to continue.

  18. You will be prompted to give this calendar a name and specify a color for the appointments.  This can be anything you choose.  Click Next to continue when you have specified this information.

  19. You have finished setting up your Gmail and Calendar account.  Click "Finish" and wait until your calendar information is populated.  You now have access to both your email and calendar appointments from within the Thunderbird program.