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How do I log in to TC Gmail?

Log into myTC with your UNI and password and click on the Gmail icon at the top right of the page.

Will my Exchange email address change when we migrate toTCApps? (Full Time Faculty & Staff only

No. In Exchange, your address usually takes a form like dewey@exchange.tc.columbia.edu.  Other aliases, such as dewey@tc.columbia.edu, and dewey@tc.edu also work.  For  TC Gmail, the standard form will be UNI@tc.columbia.edu, and we will insure that email sent to your other Exchange aliases will also work with your TC G,mail account.

What will happen to my existing messages in Exchange? (Full Time Faculty & Staff only)

Migration of existing Exchange messages, calendars and contacts will occur overnight on the date of opt in.

Will my voicemail still go to my Inbox in TC Gmail? (Full Time Faculty & Staff only)

Yes, you will receive your voicemail in your Gmail inbox and will be able to listen to it from the Gmail web site. Unfortunately, once you migrate you will not have access to your voicemail through your phone. 

What will happen to my existing messages in CubMail?

They will remain in your CubMail mailbox. You will be able to access them as before by selecting CUB Mail from the MyTC & Email pulldown menu on the TC homepage.   If you wish to forward your Cubmail to your TC Gmail you need to set this up at: http://cuit.columbia.edu/email-forwarding

Will my email address change when we move to Google Apps?

Yes, the Columbia address usually takes a form such as jd2010@columbia.edu.  For TC Gmail, the standard form will be jd2010@tc.columbia.edu.  In addition, you will have an alias for your TC Gmail account such as john.dewey@tc.columbia.edu.  Note that students admitted after June 22, 2011 will have their Columbia CubMail accounts preset to forward to their TC Gmail.

Can I forward my CubMail messages to TC Gmail?

Yes, you need to go to  http://cuit.columbia.edu/email-forwarding

Can I transfer my CubMail address book  to TC Gmail?

To transfer your addressbook from CubMail, you can log into Cubmail, select address book, select a few addresses, then click on "export".  You can use "comma separated variables", and use the option "export the following address book completely". This will create a text file that you can use to import to your TC Gmail or other email account

Will there be an effect on my Columbia email?

Starting on August 17, 2011, all communications from the College, including email sent from the Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid and the course management systems will only be sent to students' TC Gmail accounts.  Students who already have a Columbia email account may retain it. Forwarding from those accounts to TC Gmail is strongly recommended.  

What is the quota for TC Gmail?

The new account will provide 25GB for your mailbox, which is about 100 times the size of CubMail or Exchange quotas.

How often does the list of messages in my inbox automatically refresh?

While you are working on GMail messages, the refresh rate is approximately every 2 to 5 minutes. When GMail is idle, the refresh rate is approximately every 10 minutes.

What are the limitations on email sizes for my TC Gmail account?

You can send and receive mail messages up to 25 MB in size, including attachments.

What if I already have a personal Google/Gmail account?

The new email account will be totally separate from your personal Google account so your personal account will not be affected.

What will happen to my email when I graduate from TC?

Alumni will keep their TC Gmail account indefinitely.

Can I still access my Exchange mail and calendar after the migration?

Yes, you will be able to access your Exchange mail, contacts and calendar, using your old mail client (eg. Outlook or Entourage).  You can also continue to use the client to view your local archived mail as well as the Exchange Address Book.  You will NOT be able to send or receive emails via your Outlook or Entourage.  You will receive notifications that your Exchange mailbox is now closed.  All future communication following your migration will be done from your Gmail login.

Which web browsers can I use with Google?

Google supports the following browsers:  Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Apple Safari 3.0. More info on supported browsers

Can Google Mail automatically spell-check messages?

No, Google Mail doesn’t have an automatic spell-checker. However, you can check your spelling at any time by clicking Check Spelling at the top of the message you are composing. All misspelled or unrecognized words are highlighted. Click a highlighted work to see suggestions for similar word. Goggle’s spell-check is currently available in 36 languages, by pulling down the sub-menu next to Check Spelling.

Note: Certain browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome will spell-check as you type

What languages does Google support?

The interface for Google Apps, Gmail and Google Calendar is available in over 50 languages. For a list of the available languages and instructions on how to set a new language, refer to the Gmail Help Center.

Will my privacy and the confidentiality of my email be protected?

Yes. TC has control over user accounts, and Google does not own the data. TC's agreement with Google names the College as being responsible for responding to third party requests for data. Upon receipt of such a request, Google will notify TC if legally permissible, comply with TC's requests regarding efforts to oppose it, and provide TC with tools and information to respond to it.

Will Google access student/faculty/staff e-mail communications, addresses, identifiable browsing histories, and use the information to target advertising at us?

Google does not scan our email content for the purpose of displaying contextually relevant ads. Google search and web browsing are not affected by TC's Google Apps for Education agreement.

Where can I find more information on security with Google? 

You can check this Google website

What services are included with my Google account?

TC's Google apps currently include:

  • Gmail
  • Docs (text, spreadsheet and presentation apps)
  • Talk (IM)
  • Calendar
  • Sites
  • Video

Will I be able to use my hand held device with TCGmail?

Yes, Smartphone synching is easily managed by users. More info on Mobile use

What File attachment types are allowed or blocked through Gmail?

Gmail blocks certain file types from being sent and received via email to help prevent spread of malware and viruses.   A list of blocked files can be found in the following Google support site


Is Google Apps integrated with other College systems?

Yes, it is integrated via myTC.

Are there limitations on file sizes within the GoogleApps services?

Yes. See the limitations below.

  • Documents: The maximum size is 500 Kb plus up to 2 MB per embedded image. Additionally, your account has a limit of 5000 documents and 5000 images.
  • Presentations: The maximum size is 10 MB with a limit of 5000 documents and 5000 images.
  • Spreadsheets: Each spreadsheet can be up to 10,000 rows, or up to 256 columns, or up to 50,000 cells, or up to 20 sheets — whichever limit is reached first. Imported spreadsheets cannot exceed 1 MB. Your account is limited to 200 spreadsheets.
  • Sites: There is a 10MB file size limitation and 10GB for all sites combined on Google Apps (e.g. you could have a site of 9GB and 1GB).

Where can I get help with TCApps during the transition?

  • There will be an ongoing series of orientation sessions
  • Students who need help can walk in or call the Student Computing Support Center in 242HM x3304. The consultants at the desk will be available to answer their questions.
  • Faculty will be also be assisted by department Techfellows
  • This website provides extensive training and resources.
  • Good training videos on Google App are available at lynda.com. Log in with your UNI and your password.

What file attachment types are allowed or blocked through Gmail?

Gmail blocks certain file types from being sent and received via email to help prevent spread of malware and viruses. A list of blocked files can be found in the following Google support site:


Can I mark my outgoing email as high priority or urgent?

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t allow you to use a priority scale to mark outgoing emails  This may change in the future, as Google is always adding improvements to their system.   

Can I send a message with a different outgoing mail address?

Yes. Besides UNI@tc.columbia.edu , your  TC Gmail has alternative addresses as follows:

Note: There are some cases in which one or more of these may be missing or modified by adding the first initial of your first name if it would not be unique otherwise.