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About TCApps

TC Apps are a collection of integrated applications at TC. They include Google Apps for email and collaboration, Moodle for managing courses, Alfresco for storing large  files, Mahara for e-portfolios, Adobe Connect for web conferencing, iTunes for podcasts and TC Educator for experiencing the Second Life virtual environment.

The Google Apps for Education suite contains various Google Apps components which are all integrated and most effective when used together. 

You now have 7GB of storage, your email is protected against spam and viruses and you are able to stay connected with built-in IM, voice and video chat.

You are able to share calendars and schedule people, groups, rooms and resources easily, even from your mobile device.

You are able to create and share websites online using web-based group collaboration.

You are able to create and share documents, presentations, forms and spreadsheets online.


Moodle is the teaching and learning environment available since Spring 2011.

Moodle Quick Help

Moodle Presentation

Al Fresco
Al Fresco is your new file repository.


Mahara is an ePortfolio system integrated with Moodle.

Watch the Mahara video demo

Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect is a powerful web conferencing system.


iTunesU allows the distribution of podcasts.
TC Educator (Second Life)
TC Educator is the Virtual island owned by Teachers College in Second Life.