1) Select "Folders on my Computers" in Entourage
2) Choose "Export" from the File menu 
The dialog box below will open and make sure that the following are checked:
 -- "Items to an Entourage archive"
 -- "All  items"
 -- "Mail" and "Local Contacts"
3) Click on the right arrow to continue. The next dialog box will appear.
4) Choose "NO" to Delete Archived Items?
5) Click on the right arrow to continue. The next dialog box will appear. 
6) Save the file as "Main Identity.rge" onto the Desktop.

7) Download the  Gmail Uploader for Mac (Google Email Uploader-1.1.2.zip) and Unzip it.

When you start the application, you will see the following dialog box:

    -- Uncheck "Apple Mail"
    -- From the "File" menu choose "Add Entourage rge Archive"
    -- Select "Main Identity.rge"  from the "Select" window.
Entourage will appear in the dialog box. Make sure it is checked.
8) Make sure you select
    -- "Preserve mail properties where possible"
    -- "Assign mailbox names as Gmail Labels"
    -- "Assign additional label" - Write "rge" in the text field
9) Write your email address in the form uni@tc.columbia.edu

        To get the needed password...
10) Open web browser to the TC homepage (http://www.tc.columbia.edu) and select "MyTC"
11) Click on "Search and Help" tab, then click on "Reset my code" in the Google Access Code box, and then click "Show" to make the code visible.
12) Copy the new code and paste it in the "Password" field box of the Google Email Uploader and click on the "Upload" button (as in the screenshot above).  
    Save this access code, since any mobile devices that are used to access TC Apps will also need this it to enable email synchronization.