Synch BlackBerry

Google will no longer support download of the Gmail Blackberry Mobile App effective Nov. 22nd 2011.

  • The current supported option is to login to the myTC Portal via the Blackberry Web browser using you TC UNI credentials.
  • Another un-supported option is to configure your email access utilizing IMAP.  Instructions are located in the following Google link:

The following instructions are no longer supported by Google after Nov 22nd, 2011.

Prior to configuring your smart phone, visit the myTC portal web site and go to the Search & Help Tab and acquire the Google Sync Code to be used in step #7 below.

1- Point your mobile browser to

2- Click the link to the Gmail application. 
3 - Click the link to install the Gmail application.

4 -Choose "Download".

5 -Once the download has completed, select "Reboot" if necessary.

6 - Open the Downloads folder and access the Gmail application.

7 - Enter your TC Apps email address ( where “UNI1234” is your UNI) in the Email Address field and your Google Access Code (which can be found and reset in the myTC portal under the Search & Help tab) in the Password field.  (THIS IS NOT YOUR UNI password, do not attempt to type in the same password you use to loginto the myTC portal) You will need to use this code again, so do not choose “hide” or logout of the myTC portal until you have completed this setup.

8 - Choose “Sign In” and you will be sent directly to your inbox.

9 - To access calendar, go back to and choose "Sync".
10 - Click the link to "Install Now".

11- Accept the permissions and continue to download the program.

12 - Once Google Sync is installed, choose to run the software.

13 - Once again, input your TC Apps Email address and Google Access Code.
14 - Open the calendar application on your Blackberry to view your appointments.

15 - Push the Blackberry button and select "Google Sync" to activate Sync or change any preferences as needed.