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Postini Anti-Spam - Faculty and Staff Only

Google and Postini provide powerful anti-Spam and email archiving services.  The Postini Services dramatically reduce spam, viruses, and phishing emails that you do not want to arrive in your TCGmail account.  By logging into Postini Message Center, you have the ability to manage your anti-Spam settings to finely tune the default settings to your preference.  In addition, you also have the ability to recover any deleted emails that arrived into your TCGmail inbox.

Postini Email Security Tour
An animated tour introducing you to the Postini service and how it works.

Postini Message Center FAQ

Please follow this link for an interactive FAQ providing details on using the Postini Message Center

Message Center Quick Start Documentation
A guide for using the Postini Message Center and Quarantine Summary.

Postini Personal Archive Quick Start Documentation
Postini provides you access to all your email message that have been sent or receive into your TCGmail account.  All your messages remain in the Postini Archive service even if you later delete them from your TCGmail account.
Please access the following document to explain additional information on the Personal Archive service.