How to Sync TC Apps with Android

Prior to configuring your smart phone, visit the myTC portal web site and go to the Search & Help Tab and acquire the Google Sync Code to be used in step #4 below.

  1. Click on the Gmail icon on your Android device.
  2. Choose “Next” at the prompt.

    3. Choose the “Sign In” button.

    4. Enter “” with your UNI in the username field and your Google Access Code in the password field.  The Google account password can be found on the myTC portal.
Enter your Google Access Code in the password field (this is NOT your UNI password.  Enter your TCGmail password.  This can be accessed through the myTC portal, under the Search & Help Tab, in the Google Sync Code window located in the lower right side of the screen).

    5. The following screen will appear while attempting to access your account.  Please wait while the Google services are setup.

    6. Choose what to sync (your Email, Calendar, and Contacts) at this screen and move on to the last step of the setup process.  These choices can be changed at a later time in the “Accounts and Sync” section of the device settings.

    7. Select “Finish Setup” to initiate your synchronization.  Email, contacts, and calendar items will take several minutes to populate.