How to Sync TC Apps with Android

Prior to configuring your smart phone, visit the myTC portal web site and go to the Search & Help Tab and acquire the Google Sync Code to be used in step #4 below.

  1. Navigate to your Mobile Device Accounts Setting Page. Click  account,  (every phone will have a different “setting” background)

    Accounts and sync Android settings menu

  2. Click Add (New) Account

    Add account menu button

  3. Choose Google for the account type to add your email account
           account selection window with Google selected

    4. Place your “” email account with your UNI in the email field.  
         Add your account screen, enter

    5. Click "Accept" to accept the Terms of Service for your email account.
         Accept terms of service

    6. Enter your UNI and password to configure your email on your Android device.
        UNI and password authentication screen

    7. If you Log-in was typed in correctly this this screen should be displayed after hitting enter
        Checking info wait screen

    8. Once you have authenticated successfully, you should return back to the Accounts & Sync screen. Click on Google to see your “” email.
       Account type selection screen.  Choose Google.

    9. The Manage accounts screen will list all of your Google accounts, including the successfully added email.
       Manage Google Accounts screen with list of accounts