TC Apps are part  of Teachers College's commitment to providing a collaborative environment for the TC community. You can see product update announcements here.

TCApps is a collection of integrated applications for education that allows people to work collaboratively. You now have TC Mail, and are also able to share documents, calendars, videos and web sites. ClassWeb is also in the process of being replaced with Moodle, but both will be used for the Fall 2011 semester.

Google email (Gmail) is branded with our own TC email address (e.g., John Dewey with UNI jd1234 will be jd1234@tc.columbia.edu).  Unlike private Gmail accounts that many of us have, this account is not scanned for display of relevant ads.

TC Google Apps Terms and Conditions

We recommend that Faculty members attend a Moodle orientation session.  All sessions will be held in 234 Horace Mann. See Schedule

On this site you should be able to find all of the information you need to know to gain a basic understanding of our new email system here at TC.