Mahara enables you to export your entire portfolio or particular parts of it in two different formats, HTML and Leap2A. Typically, you will export in HTML format, which allows you to share your portfolio as a web page. Exporting in Leap2A format is only for transferring your portfolio to other portfolio software that accept the Leap2A specifications. To see a list of e-portfolio providers, click here. In Portfolio, click on the Export link


1.and select Standalone HTML Website. Then choose to export all of your data or only specific elements, such as your profile, folders or files and click on Generate export.

2. The process might take a few minutes, depending on the amount of data included in your portfolio. In the end Mahara will create a zip file, with a title similar to mahara-export-html-user-your-name.zip. This file will contain all the files you opted to export. Save this file in your computer. 

3. To preview your exported Portfolio unzip the exported file (For additional software to unzip the file, this is a good option for PC users and this is a good option for Mac users). Within the unzipped folder click on the file named index.html to open your portfolio. Then verify that all the desired information is included.


1. In Portfolio, click on the Export link and select Leap2A. The exported file can be used in the previously mentioned e-portfolio sites.