In the Plans section of Mahara you can record different goals and establish steps to accomplish them or you can create a checklist related to your professional career. 

1. In Content click on the Plans link and a list of your created plans will be displayed. To create a plan click on New Plan.

2. Title your plan, include a description, and tags that summarizes what you expect to accomplish. Then, click on Save plan.

3. The new plan will appear in the Plans link. You have the option to Edit (Pencil Icon) or Delete (Trash Icon) it or you can specify the activities required to accomplish your plan by clicking on Manage tasks (Gear Icon)

4. Click on the gear icon (Manage tasks) and  click on New task to create a new task. You must include a Title, Completion Date and Description. This will facilitate the organization of your plan. If you have already completed that task, you can check the Completed option. Save your new task by clicking on Save Task.

5. Adding tasks allows your plans to have specific deadlines. You can always add new tasks by clicking on a plan inside your Plans. You can also Edit (Pencil Icon) or Delete (Trash Icon) any task that needs to be changed.