Searching and Joining an Existing Group:

1. In the Groups tab, click on find groups in the middle of the page. 

2. In the Find Groups box, search the name of the group you would like to find. Select the Groups I'm not in option. Click on the magnifying glass button. 

3. After the results are returned, click on the name of the group. On the Request to join group page, write a short description of why you would like to join the group. Click Request, and your request will be sent to the group's owner. 

join group request box

Create a Group:

1. Make sure you are in the Groups tab at the top of the page. Then click on Create group on the right side of the page. 

2. You will be taken to the Create Groups page. Here you can specify the group's name, a description of the group, whether it has membership open to the public or via invitation, and if you want to receive notifications. Click Save Group