Edit Content

1. In the My Views tab under My Portfolio, click on Edit Content and Layout to edit Views.

In the My Portfolio page click on the Edit Content and Layout link beside the view you want to edit

2. You can also click on the Edit Content link within a View.

You can also click on the Edit Content link within the View you are previewing

3. Drag and drop content blocks below the line to add it to your view. For example drag Blog below the line.

To add a widet to your View layout, drag it  below the line displayed. For example, Blog.

4. Then enter the title, browse or search to select a blog, determine the posts per page and permissions for users. Click Save.

For Blog Widget, enter block title, select blog, posts per page, permissions and click Save in pop up.

5. In the External feeds tab you can add an external RSS feed from an outside source by dragging and dropping the block.

External feeds menu

6. In the Files, images and video tab you can use the blocks to add various files to your View and then follow the instructions. For example, drag and drop the Google Apps block.

Files, images and video menu

Then enter the block title and embed code or URL of a published Google document and click Save. *Publishing the document makes it visible on your View even if the document itself is not shared.

Enter title and embed code or URL from Google published doc, calender, map or book.

7. In the General tab you may edit settings for the View.

General menu

8. In the Profile tab you can decide what personal information to display.

Profile Menu

9. In the Résumé tab you can display your entire resume or a particular field within your resume on your View.

Resume menu

10. To modify the layout of your view you can use the Change my View's column layout and Theme links. You can also drag content. Change block settings using the gear icon next to the x delete icon. To preview the View click on Display my View. To modify View title or access click on Edit Title and Edit Access respectively.   

Click on Edit columns, theme drop down menu or display view