My Collections

A collection is a set of Views that are linked to one another and have the same access permissions. You can create as many collections as you like, but a View cannot appear in more than one collection.

Collections are useful for dividing work into different portfolios. For instance, if you want to create a teaching portfolio for some of your work and a photography portfolio for other work, collections are a good way to keep them separate.

My collections tab in the My portfolio navigation bar

1. Inside the My Collections tab, click on New Collection.

Add a new collection button

2. Give your collection a name and click Next.

Field for entering the collection name and "Next" button.

3. Choose which views to include. Click on the Add views button and then Next.

Check boxes for choosing views, Add views button, and Next button

4. Decide who you want to share the collection with and whether to allow commenting and copying.

Screen shot of editing collection access page

5. Decide if you want to set access dates and click Save.

Screen shot showing how to override dates and save button