My Views

View in Mahara is a page that displays elements of your portfolio, consisting of your personal, educational and professional growth. Views may be shared with a variety of people in your social circle such as friends, colleagues, professors or potential employers to gain feedback or promote your work. You are able to create, copy and restrict access to Views within your portfolio.

A Portfolio is a collection of Views stored within Mahara that cumulatively display your work and track your personal development.

1. To access your portfolio click on My Portfolio in the navigation bar.

Click on My Portfolio

2.  My Views displays a list of your views and options to edit your views. The default views are Dashboard View, which is not shared with the public, and Profile View, which is generally shared. 

Click on Dashboard View

3. The Profile View is what others see when they click on your name or profile icon.

Sample Profile View

4. You may also create a new view or copy an existing view.

Click on Create View