Wireless Printing from PCs

We are happy to announce that students can now print from their own laptops at TC!  In order to configure this, you will need to add a printer to your PC.  The steps below will explain how this is done.

In order to add a printer to your PC, you will need to open the Control Panel, which can be found in your Start Menu.  Once inside the Control Panel, click "Programs". 

Once inside of the Programs section of the Control Panel, choose "Turn Windows features on or off" from the "Programs and Features" menu.
Programs Control Pane

Inside of the Windows Features list, expand "Print and Document Services" and enable the "LPD Service" and the "LPR Port Monitor" if they are not already checked off.  When finished, click OK.
Turn Windows Features on or off list

You will be returned to the Programs screen within the Control Panel.  Click on "Control Panel Home" to return to the main Control Panel menu.
Programs Control Pane

Once you have returned to the main Control Panel window, click the link to "View devices and printers".
Control Panel Window

Inside of the Devices and Printers window, click the option to "Add a printer".
Devices and Printers window

At the Add Printer screen, you will need to choose "Add a local printer".
Add a printer screen 1

When you choose to add a local printer, you will be brought to the "Choose a printer port" screen.  In this step, choose the "Create a new port" radio button and select "LPR Port" from the "Type of port" menu.  Click Next to continue when you have selected these options.
Create LPR Port

At this stage, you will need to enter the name of the server, which is "goprintweb.tc.columbia.edu", and enter a valid print queue.  A list of available printers and their respective model numbers is at the bottom of this section.
LPR Port creation window

 Printer Queue Printer Model Location
 HM242605X01 HP M605dn (Use HP Universal Print Driver PCL6) 242 Horace Mann
 HM242605X02 HP M605dn (Use HP Universal Print Driver PCL6) 242 Horace Mann
 HM242605X03 HP M605dn (Use HP Universal Print Driver PCL6) 242 Horace Mann
 HM242605X04 HP M605dn (Use HP Universal Print Driver PCL6) 242 Horace Mann
 242HMColor HP Color LaserJet 4700 (Use HP Universal Print Driver PCL6) 242 Horace Mann
 345MYColor HP Color LaserJet 3700 345 Macy
 345MYB HP LaserJet 4250 345 Macy
 345MYC HP LaserJet 4250 345 Macy
 EverettA HP M602dn Everett Lounge
 EverettB HP M602dn Everett Lounge
 GDHCafeteria HP M602dn Grace Dodge Hall Cafeteria
 Whittier10FL HP M602dn 10th Floor Lounge, Whittier Hall

At the next screen, you will be asked to install the printer driver.  In the list above, you will find the model number and/or driver information of the printer associated with each print queue.  Use this information to find the appropriate driver in the current screen.  If you do not see the appropriate driver, click the "Windows Update" button to add these drivers.  Click "Next" to move on once the correct driver has been selected.  When installing an HP M602dn printer, you can also use the HP Universal Print Driver.

Driver Selection

At this point, you will need to name this printer.  We recommend you use the name of the printer queue you selected, since it contains the location of the printer where your print job will be executed.  Click "Next" when you have entered the name of this printer.
Printer Name

Your computer will take some time to finalize the installation of this printer.  Please be patient during this process.
Installing Screen

When the installation has completed, you will be presented with the following screen to confirm a successful install.  You can click the "Finish" button and begin to use this printer.
Installation Done

Once you have setup this printer, you can begin to send print jobs to it just like any other printer.  You can access GoPrint via the MyTC portal in the TC Bookmarks to release your jobs.
MyTC Bookmarks

The GoPrint interface will allow you to release your print jobs, redirect to another printer, and cancel your print jobs.  Value can be added by clicking the "Add Value" button, visiting the linked CashNet site, printing your receipt, and handing it in to a lab consultant in 242 Horace Mann or 345 Macy Hall.  We are currently working with the GoPrint vendor to make this process directly deposit funds into your GoPrint account.
GoPrint Interface