Lying in Psychotherapy Lab
The Lying in Psychotherapy lab, led by third year doctoral student Matt Blanchard and first-year doctoral student Melanie Love, is looking at "client dishonesty," those times when clients feel they cannot be fully honest with their therapists. The topic is a natural outgrowth of Dr. Farber's work on disclosure and non-disclosure in therapy. Client dishonesty is a broader category of non-disclosure that includes distorting and fabricating as well as omission, avoidance, secret-keeping, etc. Our initial survey of 547 psychotherapy clients showed large percentages of clients concealing therapy-relevant information, such as suicidal thoughts. We are now preparing a follow-up survey to replicate our initial findings, conducting interviews with clients, and developing a related survey for therapists.

Related Papers & Professional Conferences

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Lab Members

Matt Blanchard
Melanie Love
Mandy Newman
Rachel Altman
Bianca Cerosimo