Create an Alfresco folder on your desktop

You can create an Alfresco folder on either your PC or Mac. Directions for both systems are below.

Map a file on your PC 

Before you begin you must know the name of your computer.

1. Right-click on My Computer and choose properties.

2. Then locate "Computer name" under Computer name, domain and workgroup settings.

Once you know the name of your PC, click on My Computer. 

3. For Windows 7. On the top tab you would see Map Network Drive

4. In the dialogue box Map Network Drive, in the Folder field, type in

5. Type your UNI and password in the internet or network address field box

Map a file on your Mac

1. With the Finder file manager active, select Connect to Server using either the Go menu, or from the keyboard use Command-K.

2. Enter the following into the Address field: Click Connect.

Connect to Server Dialogue Box

3. You will be presented with the authentication window. Enter your UNI and Teachers College password in the Name and Password field boxes. Click Connect.

Authentication dialogue box

4. The mapped drive will appear on in the finder window under Shared by clicking on Click webdav > User Homes > your uni. Drag the folder named as your uni to your desktop to create an Alias, allowing you to drag and drop files to that folder on your desktop.

Finder window with Shared menu on left showing