Adding Files to Moodle

It is possible to access your Alfresco content from Moodle.  It is also possible to add Alfresco content to Moodle files.

  • To access Alfresco content from Moodle click the Alfresco link in the the TC Apps Quick Links block.

TC Apps Quick Links - Alfresco
Enter UNI and password.  You may view, add, edit, or delete content from your Alfresco account.

Alfresco login
  • To add Alfresco content to Moodle files, folders, activities:

Step 1: Turn editing on (top right)

Turn editing on

Step 2: Choose Add a resource or Add an activity dropdown

'Add a resource'/'Add an activity'
Step 3: Choose File, Folder, Activity, any choice that offers the File Picker to get files.  Choose Alfresco in the File Picker.  Submit UNI and password

File Picker - Alfresco

Step 4: Your Alfresco repository displays.  Choose User Homes folder

File Picker - Alfresco User Homes

Step 5: Choose your UNI folder to access your Alfresco content and add them to Moodle files, folders, activities

File Picker - Alfresco UNI folder