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Video (Pod)

The Video pod enables meeting attendees to broadcast live video from their web cameras. Attendees can share, pause, or stop their cameras at any time during the meeting.

Video pod example

  • When you share your camera, your live video feed appears in the Video pod. The video feeds are automatically arranged and resized as other attendees share or stop their cameras.
  1. Click Share My Camera  in the Video pod.
  2. If the Flash Player displays a prompt requesting access to your camera, click Allow.
  • Stopping your camera removes your video feed from the Video pod.
    Click the stop button  in the upper-right corner of your video feed.

  • When you pause your camera, a still image remains visible in the Video pod.
  1. Point to the title bar immediately above your video feed.
  2. Click the pause button  that appears to the left of the stop button.
  • As a host or presenter, you can stop another attendee’s camera at any time. (However, you cannot pause or restart another attendee’s camera.)
    Click the stop button  in the upper-right corner of the video feed that you want to close.

  • The size and arrangement of the individual video feeds displayed in the Video pod change automatically as more attendees share or stop sharing their web cameras. Only the host can change the size of the Video pod itself.