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Q & A (Pod)

With Q & A (question & answer) pod questions can be sent to hosts/presenters. Answers can be shown to all attendees or privately only.  Be sure that you've chosen Presenter View from upper right.

Q & A pod - 'enter a question' example

Select question you want to answer and write in the text field. Right of text field are two send buttons, click upper button to send message privately (Send Privately) or lower button to send it to all (Send to All). Privately answered questions are only shown to the answerer and questioner.

Q & A pod - response example

Choose who answers a question from dropdown menu. Take questions yourself or ask other host or presenter to answer it. If you give a question to another person, question mark appears to left of the question for selected person. A check mark means the question has been answered. A lock indicates questions assigned to other presenters.

Q & A pod - reassign

Q & A pod - icons