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Poll (Pod)

Hosts and presenters can use the Poll pod to create questions or polls for participants and to view the results. Only hosts and presenters are able to control poll settings. Hosts can also cast votes.

  1. If the Poll pod is not displayed, click the Pods menu and select Poll > Add New Poll
  2. In the upper left of the pod, choose Multiple Answer or Multiple Choice
Poll pod - multiple choice/answers

    3.  Enter a question into the Question field and Answer(s) to Answers field

Poll pod - question/answers

    4.  If you want to show poll results to all participants, choose Broadcast Results from down right of the pod.

Poll pod - broadcast results

    5.  Upper right of the poll pod is menu where you can choose how the results are shown (Results Formats), Clear all answers (Clear All Answers) and view votes (View Votes). You can also find View Votes button from upper left of the Poll pod.

Poll pod - how results shown