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Notes (Pod)

As a host or presenter, you can use the Note pod to show information to all meeting attendees.

Note Pod example

  • To add text to the Note pod, type information such as meeting notes in the Note pod. Participants can view, but not change, the contents of this pod.
    Click in the Note pod to make an insertion point appear, and then begin typing.
  • Unlike a text message in the Chat pod, text in the Note pod is created only by hosts or presenters. It remains visible in the Note pod throughout the meeting or until the host or a presenter edits the note.
  • The host and presenters can also choose text size and alignment options, by using the Pod Options button in the lower-right corner of the Note pod to change the size or alignment of the text. The change will affect all contents of the Note pod, for all attendees.
  1. To change text size, click Pod Options , select Text Size, and then choose a size.
  2. To change alignment, click Pod Options and then select Align Left, Align Center, or Align Right.
  • When the host ends a meeting, the Note pod is cleared. To preserve the meeting notes, the host and presenters can send out the contents of the Note pod in an e‑mail message. Any attendee can copy and paste the contents of the Note pod into another application.