What are Pods?

Pods are the panels that make up the layout for your meeting rooms.

They are resources that can enhance your Adobe Connect meeting if selected wisely. A Pod can be used to create a specific type of communicative resource that might be useful for the participants of your meeting.  

Who can add pods?

Hosts can add, delete, rearrange and organize pods in their meeting layout. 

Can you use more than one instance of a pod?

With the exception of the Attendees and Video pods, Hosts can add more than one instance of a pod in a meeting at the same time. 

Managing pods

To manage the Pods you are using, you need to click on the Pods menu, and then on the Manage Pods button. 

On the "Pods" menu, the option "Manage Pods" allows you see the list of Pods your sessions is currently using. You can Rename them or Delete them. 

To chose a Pod, the biggest question is: How can this specific type of communication benefit my meeting? There are several types of Pods and each one of them is resourceful in different manners.