Setting up a Meeting

Open TC Adobe Connect Conference site: and log in via your TC Adobe Connect account.

Step 1: Click on Meetings

Step 2: Go to New Meetings

Step 3: Under Meeting Information, enter meeting details via Name, Custom URL, a brief Summary of the meeting, Start Time, Duration, etc.

Step 4: Under Access, select Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room if potential participants may not have registered Adobe Connect accounts

Step 5: Go to Next

Step 6: Select meeting participants by clicking on Search

Step 7: Add participants and give different roles (i.e., Participant, Presenter, and host) to participants

Step 8: Click on Next and send an email to meeting participants by copying the link to your email or clicking on Send E-Mail Invitations to draft an emailĀ 

Step 9: Click on Finish to complete the meeting set-up