Recording a Meeting

As a host or as a presenter, you have the ability to record an Adobe Connect meeting. Adobe Connect will create a link  that you can distribute via email.

STEP 1 :

Click on "Record Meeting" in the Meeting menu.

On Meeting, click on Record Meeting
Type a name and summary for the recording and click OK

Recording menu to select name and summary

A message will appear and a red symbol will display  in the upper right corner of the window to indicate that your meeting is being recorded.

This meeting is been recorded
When your meeting ends, click on the red symbol to stop the recording

Stop recording

Your meeting has been recorded and now is stored in the Recording page in your Adobe Connect account

To Share a Recorded Meeting

When you record a meeting, the audio and video are recorded automatically. This will allow you to simply share the recorded meeting with some easy steps:

After recording a meeting, access your "Adobe Connect Central" Page. It has the all the information required to make it available for other users. 

To find your meeting recording:


Click on the "Meetings" Tab. Here you will be able to see all the meetings that you have hosted.

On Adobe Connect, click on Meetings


Click on the name of Meeting that you recorded and wish to share. This will open the "Meeting information" page, where you will find a summary of the Meeting. Now, click "Recordings".

On Meeting Information, click on Recording


By clicking on "Recordings", now you will access the Recording Information page, where you will be find all the recordings of your meeting. Among the information displayed, find the "URL for Viewing". This is the link that you will have to share with the users for them to see the recorded meeting.

Recording URL for Viewing.

You can share this link with as many users as you need. They will be able to access the meeting as many times as they need.