Defining Roles

There are three roles in Adobe Connect. Host, presenter and participants. The capabilities and permissions in a meeting depend on the assigned role.
When the accounts are created instructors are "hosts"
Students log in as guests and their role is that of "participants"

Hosts can:
  • Set up a meeting
  • Add or edit layouts in a meeting room
  • Invite guests
  • Add content to the library
  • Share content
  • Upgrade participants to roles of hosts or presenters
  • Promote or demote participants
  • Create and manage small group breakout rooms within a meetin
  • Record Meetings
Presenters can:
  • Have microphone and webcam controls
  • Share the computer screen & content in their computer with all attendees
  • Chat
  • Broadcast live audio and video.
  • Forward meeting invitations to participants

Participants can: 
  • View the content that the presenter is sharing
  • Hear and see the presenter’s audio and video broadcasts
  • Use text chat. 

Participants cannot:
  • Share their screen
  • Contribute meeting notes unless the host upgrades them to presenters