Course Outline

Digital Photography

Ms. Kloppel

387-7551 x3152



Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography and the computer manipulation of your images.  Our focus will be on how cameras work, composition and lighting, as well as photo editing.  Through a series of composition and technical lessons, extended projects, and photographic ‘sketchbook’ assignments students will gain skill in digital photography.


All digital photographs must me original and taken outside of class time.  Students will likely find most success in this if they carry their cameras with them often, taking images when inspired, rather than trying to take all images in a set time.  This will require an estimated 3-4 hours of homework time per week.   


Materials Needed:

Students are responsible for providing and caring for their own digital camera.  The school does not provide digital cameras for this course.   Please note that alternative arrangements can be made if necessary. 



Projects (40%)- Students will create a number of projects combining photography and a variety of computer manipulation tools.  The majority of our in class time will be dedicated to manipulation of our images.  Photographs used for projects must be original and taken outside of class time. 


Class Participation (30%)- Class time is to be used for demonstrations, critique and Photoshop work.  If a student is off task they will not earn full credit for participation that day.  Student need to come to class prepared with their photographs ready for manipulation or critique.


Photographic ‘Sketchbook’ (20%)- A small set of photographs due weekly, designed to improve photography skills.  These are separate from project photographs and also expected to be completed outside of class time.


Portfolio (10%)- A curated collection of student images submitted for teacher review at each marking period.


All assignments will be submitted electronically through Google Docs

If you were absent from class on a due date the work must be handed in at beginning of the next class

Late work will be penalized 5 points for each day the work is not turned in



-This is a shared space, leave it as you found it (or better)

-You will be using a variety of technology and supplies that are not your own, treat them with respect

-No food or drink is allowed

-Technology is to be used only for our classroom purposes, all other technology must be away


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