Do you take credit cards?

  Many vendors are able to take credit cards and the market can also sell tokens valid at the market as cash using Debit, Credits including Oregon Trail (EBT). You will get cash back from the vendors for any purchases with tokens. We do not add a fee for your token purchases. In order to try and minimize our costs all we ask is that you purchase enough tokens to last a month at one time to help reduce the costs of the credit card processing.

What days are you open?

  We are open on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 2pm from May through October.

What does it cost to be a vendor?

  The price for a booth is $30 per week. If your product or service does not conflict with existing vendors or enough customers demand the product that we can allow for multiple vendors of your product you are very likely to be approved for a spot.

What is the booth fee for?

  We are a not for profit organization and all fees collected and fund-raising that is done goes directly back to supporting the market efforts in the community. Any money not used to directly support facilities goes to marketing, Kids activities and fund raising events to help our community end educate our youth. At $30 per week the fee is designed to just be enough to cover what is needed to keep operations running.

What can I do to help?

  We frequently have need for volunteers to help in funding for our events. Your help can be as easy as telling people about this market to help encourage people to buy local and support our local producers and artists. Educating people about how this helps our environment and economy has a lasting and important effect on all of our lives. Every dollar that is spent with one of the farmers or artists stays in the community.