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Rumor Control--Amazon and OverDrive

posted Mar 20, 2012, 11:41 AM by Unknown user
Rumor:  Many people think you need a credit card in order to have an Amazon Kindle account. 
If that were true, it would make it tough to offer children equitable access to OverDrive eBooks.  But it's not.  I went to Yahoo and created an email address on the spot, then went to the Amazon "Manage Your Kindle" page and created an account.  Using a library card for a dummy patron (who, of course, has no credit cards), I went to OverDrive, logged in, found a non-Penguin book, checked it out, and clicked on Get For Kindle.  That took me to Amazon where I logged in with my bogus Yahoo ID and assigned my OverDrive book to my Kindle Cloud Reader.  I then opened the book and read the first page.  Bottom Line:  You don't need a credit card to read OverDrive books on a Kindle.

NOTE:  There are ways to do this that will fail.  Penguin does not allow wireless transfer of titles they publish to Kindles.  You have to use a USB connection, which pretty much means you need a physical Kindle.  And if you have a physical Kindle, you probably have a credit card account.  Also, the Kindle Cloud Reader is a browser plug-in.  It works if you use Chrome or Firefox, but it won't work with Internet Explorer.  But neither of these issues contradict the bottom line:  you do not have to have a credit card to read OverDrive eBooks on Kindles.