Mondher Khanfir
CEO Wiki Start-Up
Mondher is a Tunisian Social Entrepreneur and co-founder of WIKI START-UP, the first private Business Incubator dedicated to innovation in Tunisia. Before that, he launched several companies; in particular a Business Consulting Group specialized in Supply Chain management based in Tunis and London. He has been actively contributing to the  read more....
Lamia Fourati
CEO One TECH Business Solution
Mrs. Lamia Fourati is the Chief executive officer of One TECH Business solution, a company belonging to the One Tech Group. One TECH Business solution is an IT company, providing solution in networking, telecommunications, and security.
Lamia is overseeing the activities of this company in Tunisia. Additionally read more....

Ghazi Ben Othman
Head of Asset Management & Investment Director at Malaz Capital

Ghazi Ben Othman is Head of Asset Management & Investment Director at Malaz Capital. He is in charge of structuring, fundraising and overseeing new private equity funds for Malaz Capital. In addition, he serves as Investment Director on the Firm's most recent Fund.Ghazi brings more than 19 years of operational read more......

Zoubeida Ounaies
Founding Member and VP of the North American Tunisian Engineering Group

Aflter completiong her primary and high school education in Tunisia, Zoubeida earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Penn State University. In 1997, she received a National Research Council Fellowship conduct a post-doc at NASA Langley Research Center. In 2001, she left NASA to join academia at Penn read more.....


Ammar Kouki
Electrical Engineering Professor at the University of Quebec's Ecole de Technologies Superieures (ETS)
Mr Kouki is an electrical engineer professor at the University of Quebec's Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ÉTS),
the largest undergraduate engineering school in Quebec, and is also the director of the LACIME (Communication and Microelectronics) lab. Having earned his bachelor of science in engineering science and mechanics as well as his masters degree in engineering from read more.....
Aida Araisi
Founding Director of the Bi-lateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (BUSACC)
Aida Araisi is the founding director of the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (BUSACC). She created this business development organization in 1997 and it has been going strong ever since. The mission of the BUSACC is to initiate and cultivate collaborative relationships between the US and the read more.....
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