Why become a member?

TAYP is a non-profit association of young Tunisian and American professionals who have decided to build upon Tunisia’s unprecedented wave of awareness and sympathy in the US. We plan to use our experience and relationships to increase the effectiveness of economic relationships and investments between the two countries. We are also creating a networking platform for Tunisians who live (or lived) in the United States to help each other professionally.

By joining TAYP you will have an opportunity to support the objectives of the association, access valuable information, keep up-to-date on events and opportunities related to Tunisian – American investments and network with fellow professionals.
Membership Criteria
  • Professional with at least a Bachelors degree 
  • Membership fee (one time)
Joining TAYP

If you would like to support our objectives and benefit from TAYP's activities, please follow the "Register Now" link below. Some of the benefits of becoming a TAYP member are highlighted below.
Benefits Professionals Institutions
Calendar of events, workshops, conferences and newsletter
In-network job opportunities
Access to key information on programs and funds available to entrepreneurs X X
Access to high quality materials to present business opportunities in Tunisia X X
Network with diaspora in the US through events and online directory X X
B2B connections



Support with US government grant opportunities
Success Stories Best Practices &
Lessons Learned

Fee-based advice & counsel services (matching, studies, applications support...)
One Time Fee

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