Please let us know if you have any questions that aren't answered here. 
Email our FitFundraising program designer, for more information about how we can create a FitFundraising Challenge just for your community. 
What if I already have a workout routine?
Most of the exercise activities found in the Challenge are common. If you do something equivalent, count it. If you wonder if it counts, just ask!

I hate crunches. Can I substitute another abdominal exercise?

Are all the activities exercises?
No. We can introduce or reinforce all kinds of actives. Flossing, eating right, doing your homework, being on time to work, attending trainings, participating in community actives. Anything you want your people to do, we can give them points for!

What if I can't do all of the activities in the Challenge?
At Taylored Fitness we believe that everyone can benefit from exercise and eating right. All of the Opportunities can be modified to fit any fitness level, nutritional need, or lifestyle challenges. We are always available to modify or substitute and to be sure a specific Opportunity works for you. 

How long does a Challenge last?
We recommend 28 days. Research tells us it takes 21 days of doing something to make it a habit so we add a week to be sure the things you ask folks to practice become natural to them. We are happy to discuss a shorter or longer format to fit your needs.

How much can my organization expect to make?
For most organizations, the largest portion of fundraising in a Challenge comes from Sponsorships. Given the high costs of advertising, businesses are eager to find unique cost effective ways to reach a their target audience. A Challenge offers your sponsors the chance to reach your players inboxes every day for 28 days while they share in the support of your amazing organization. Priceless! We suggest a sponsorship range of $150 - $3,000. The advertising real estate in a Challenge can easily accommodate 5 higher level sponsors and a virtually unlimited number of smaller ones. A Challenge with one Title Sponsor at $3,000, 4 Gold Level Sponsors at $1500 each, 5 Silver Sponsors at $1000, 10 Bronze Sponsors at $500 and 20 Friends of the Challenge at $150 a piece would gross $22,000 in sponsorships.

While every organization is different, you can expect to make  $20-30* per player. That means if each member of your staff of 20 recruits 5 people to play, you will make $2000-3000 from registrations. The more people you get to play, the more impact your Challenge will have on your community and the more money you will make. 

How much does it cost?
Each FitFundraising Challenge is customized for the instigating organization. Typically, there is a base price for creating the program ($1200-$1500), depending on the level of detail and support your organization requires. There is also a per player fee (currently $5), to cover the costs of individual player support from your certified Taylored Fitness trainer and access to our exclusive data reporting system.