Here's an example of how we play:

Welcome to your Taylored Fitness Challenge.
Congratulations on taking Challenge. We are here to keep you on the straight and narrow toward your fitness goals no matter how winding your road this summer. 

Unless you are new to Challenging, check out your Opportunities for this month.

New to Challenging? Meet your trainer.
Erika is passionate about setting you up for success in this Challenge.
Need modification of any of the activities? 
Want clarification on any of the exercise demonstrations? Erika can help.  
An American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer and a Group Exercise instructor with over 20 years of experience in program design; even if you just need to confess you ate potato chips for dinner last night, she can help.

You can leave both public and private comments on your Daily Scorecard or, for faster response email Erika:

Book mark this site. 
You will find all kinds of great info, like your Opportunities to earn points
We'll also post the messages from the Daily Scorecard emails in case you miss one. 
Remember to at least open your Scorecard email everyday, if there is a Surprise Opportunity available you will see it there first.

How to play
Starting on the first Monday of your Challenge you'll hear from us every morning by email. 
Here you'll find reminders, daily video messages, exercise demos, and a link to the individual Scorecard. Open it by clicking the numbered in your email and record your activities. You'll be asked, "Do you want a follow-up email with point summaries?" Click "Yes" to receive a summary email of your points. And, if you use a Gmail address, you'll have the option to receive a spreadsheet showing all your activity.  If you don't have Gmail, let us know us and we will get you a link so you can see your stuff!

I know you are going to rock this Challenge, I can't wait to see what you accomplish.

The Elements of a Challenge:
Three ways to earn points:
Daily Opportunities you can complete everyday. Bonus Opportunities you can complete by the end of the Challenge and Surprise Opportunities that pop up throughout and have a time limit of 24hours to a few days.

Daily Scorecard
In your inbox every morning.
Even if you don't have time to read each word, check to see if there are Surprises available. You will also find Challenge news, links to your exercise demonstrations and a boat load of motivation and support from your trainer. 
The messages will also be posted on this site so you can quickly reference them if you need to.

Four ways to win.
1. Complete as many of the Opportunities available as often as you can and win the very best prize: Results.

2. Submit a Scorecard for each of the 28-days in your Challenge and get entered into the random Be Accountable drawing for a chance to win Fabulous Taylored Fitness merchandise and other fun fitness-y prizes. 

3. Earn more points than any of your fellow Challengers and win:
Bragging rights and other great stuff  

4. Keep earning points across Challenges and get your choice of prizes. Including our exclusive custom sterling silver bracelets by MoSilver. 

Now, get up and get to getting some points!