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Nuuksio National Park Tours

Welcome to Nuuksio Uplands!

Nuuksio National Park, situated within the frontiers of the Greater Helsinki,
is one of the 10 top nature attractions of the country. Sometimes we call it the Park of Fifty Lakes. Indeed, about 50 picturesque lakes can be found within the park border, while the entire area of Nuuksio Uplands has some 150 small lakes. Compared to surrounding plains, the hilly area of Nuuksio is 50-100 m higher than sea level. Hiking in wild evergreen forest among ancient cliffs, densely covered by mosses, lichens and ferns, and numerous small, clean lakes is unforgettable experience. The forest is inhabited by various animals; among them the Siberian Flying Squirrel, a rare mammal known in Europe only in Finland and Estonia.

BioGeo-Traveller organises guided hiking tours of various duration.
If you want to get acquainted with the park and Finnish nature and have only 5-6 hours (minimum duration of the trip, including return travel from Helsinki center), chose a tour we call Nice to meet you, Nuuksio! when we will introduce you to the major features of the park and the Finnish nature in general and show some of the most beautiful sights. If you wish to spend here an entire day and learn more about the park and... yourself, go for Let's get to know each other better! which will take 8-10 hours. But if you would like to feel the park and its inhabitants deeper, stay for Day and Night with Nature tour, when we will penetrate the deeper parts of the park, explore remote places and overnight in tents* (1.5 day).

Prices (incl. tax):
Nice to meet you, Nuuksio! - 50 euros/person
Let's get to know each other better! - 90 euros/person
Day and Night with Nature - 200 euros/person

The prices do not include transportation to the park (12 euros return trip from Helsinki center).
Note, that children under 16 years old, accompanied by at least one adult, can join for free of charge. Also ask about discounts if you come with group of 3 and more people or if you are a student.

The tours are operated on a regular basis. Just tell us when do you plan to come.
Our Nuuksio tours are provided in cooperation with the Finnish state forest authority METSÄHALLITUS.

Book by e-mail:

Welcome to Nuuksio!

* tent can be provided for free

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