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Tapuwae :)

posted Jun 27, 2012, 2:20 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 27, 2012, 7:34 PM ]
Yesterday Rata had a game of tapuwae against rimu.
We had a draw.
The objective of the game:
.There are four main zones(field,middle,attack,defense).
.There are cones at each end of the field(targets).The attackers must try to hit them with the ball and the defenders must try to stop the ball from hitting the cone.
First team to hit the cone wins!!
.Use your space,no crowding.
.Use the right pass for your situation,eg:bounce,lob.
.No stepping or running with the ball.
.No contact.
. No obstruction
.No bouncing the ball.
Positions and their jobs:
.Pou Waenga-the centre,only allowed to move around in the centre area.The ball must be touched by centre before it enters into the feeding area.
.Pou Whiua-throwing the ball at the cone.They must not step out of the shooting area or into the defenders area.
.Pou Arai-defend the cone(1x).They cannot step out of their area.They must not touch the cone.They can catch or contest the ball.
.Awhi Arai-stops the ball from getting to the opposite shooters.The ball must go from Pou Arai (cone) to this Pou Arai then  to the centre.
.Awhi Whuia-feed the ball into the shooters and receive the ball from the centre.

Here are some pictures of our game against Miro today.