Mr. Van Voorhis's Design Concepts / Technology Engineering Page

Mr. VanVoorhis's view on the study  of Technology Engineering
The goal of Technology Education/Engineering is to develop Technological Literacy. The first step is to create a heightened awareness of our technological society. This will inspire students to take an active role in utilizing current technology (tools, products, and processes) to help make their lives better. In addition students develop an understanding (with the engineering design process) of how they can identify opportunities to adapt or create technologies to advance our technological society in a positive direction, resulting in better lives for all of us.

Content for our studies can be draw upon from the Massachusetts Science and Technology Engineering Curriculum Framework.  This study can prepare students for the Science and Technology Engineering MCAS in which students will participate in the spring of 8th grade.

The Masssachusetts BOE recently (01-2016) approved an updated Science and Technology Engineering Framework.